Our Little Lymphedema Warriors

These children are the inspiration for Brylan's Feat Foundation 



Cora is 2 years old and suffers from Primary Lymphedema in both arms, hands, and her entire lower body. Her parents have tried everything to manage Cora's painful swelling. Unfortunately, non-invasive treatment has not worked for Cora and she is in need of life changing surgery. Brylan's Feat Foundation was able to provide financial assistance in getting Cora surgical treatment in Germany.

tristan 2.png


Tristan suffers from Primary Lymphedema that affects his left hand, left arm, left leg, and right foot. He has already had two previous lymph node transfer surgeries that dramatically helped the pain and swelling. He is now in need of a third surgery. Brylan's Feat Foundation is honored to be able to help Tristan continue his journey of surgical Lymphedema treatment by providing financial assistance. 

photo tunisia.jpg


Ritej has been diagnosed with Lymphedema in both of her legs and feet. She lives in Tunisia and as far as her parents and doctor know, she is the only case in the country. Because of this, there are virtually no resources for her to receive treatment. Ritej is in need of continual compression therapy and Brylan's Feat Foundation was happy to assist Ritej by providing medically necessary compression wraps.