Supporting Children Fighting Lymphedema


Lymphedema is the chronic swelling in parts of the body due to the lymphatic system developing abnormally or damage/trauma occurring. Although there is currently not a cure for this disease, it can be managed through treatment that is often an expensive out of pocket cost. Children that do not receive treatment are more prone to recurrent infections, reduced function of the affected extremity, decreased self-esteem and eventual disability. 


Please join our efforts and donate to help children whose families cannot afford the necessary and life changing treatments to manage and control their Lymphedema.


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Support Lymphedema awareness and purchase a t-shirt for your Lymphedema warrior or for yourself. Proceeds from the sale of shirts will go to the purchase of customized compression garments for our recipients and to helping fund Lymphedema research.

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Your donation allows us to assist children in their fight against Lymphedema, provide compression therapy, and further research to find a cure. 

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If you/your child are financially struggling to acquire the medically necessary treatment  to manage childhood Lymphedema, please apply and let us be the resource to help.

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